The Aaron Rodgers, Danica Patrick break-up is a story we would all be better moving on quickly from

Break ups are terrible. I’m sure you know this. But here in Green Bay, when the quarterback of the Packers ends it with his superstar race car driver girlfriend, the whole world will stop and stare.

That’s what happened today with Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick. And I’m sure everyone involved would like us to acknowledge it and move on (story HERE).

It’s also a particularly greasy story that gets ran in perpetuity by the cable networks that feed off of tabloid journalism and gossip. For instance with this story, the un-following of social media accounts between the two stars stirred up questions.

That is some prime detective work there.

And this is also happening during one of the worst periods of our recent history. The Coronavirus. Communities divided. An uncertain foreign policy picture. Natural disasters. We’ve had it all in 2020.

Let’s just let QB1 and Ms. Patrick have their privacy.

You’ll find that this will help everyone. And lets not pretend it will only be about the “Ws” when the season starts anyways. Let’s not give the social media cynics this cheap joke to make.

In closing, I want each of you to think of a break up you might have had in your past. Would you have wanted it plastered everywhere and brought into your workplace? Probably not.

At the end of the day, this is just another couple ending their chapter together. We should all sit back and wish both of them a quick healing process and a happier future.

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