G4 TV won’t be the same upon relaunch but it’s a badly needed all the same

G4 TV is coming back.

That’s right, the network that in it’s prime brought you X Play and Attack Of The Show, and also introduced us to Olivia Munn, will likely be coming back in some form after dropping this video on Friday.

We don’t know what it’s going to be, but it’s likely going to have an ESports component, and that’s a product that is really needed right now. There needs to be some kind of media organization to drag it in into the real main stream.

ESPN has been doing it at half speed but they haven’t given it a real premiere presentation.

YouTube has splintered into so many different elements and factions. It’s just a bunch of people talking at this point.

And same for the websites.

There is so much that can be done there and we need to use all of the space available, we won’t miss those Cops reruns.

Bring back the classics. But also introduce us to the other elements of the gaming industry. All of it. Programmers. Titles. Business. We want it all.

And we want a SportsCenter for Esports. Something to watch everyday with great personalities and excellent production work.

Make it the center of the gaming world and a goal for everyone to shoot for.

The opportunity to bring back G4 is an exciting one and it’s capable of doing so much good with what we know now. Let’s make that happen.

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