MLB opening night was an important but melancholy affair

Last night, households all over the country turned on their televisions for the first games of the Major League Baseball season. A normally festive occasion where Americans skip work and hit the dives early to enjoy watching their teams get their campaigns to be world champions started.

But with the COVID 19 pandemic, we had to adjust. And the whole evening was rather somber.

We had to take a moment to reflect on the events taking place all over our country regarding racism and criminal justice. It was a victory for the cause but not a victory appropriate for celebration.

We had a rain out, cutting short one of the most anticipated games of this shortened season between the Yankees and Nationals.

Homerun balls laid in the bleachers undisturbed.

The artificial crowd noise was just sad and the fan cutouts a little bizarre.

But we had our game back. And I was happy for that. This season does have the potential to lay the groundwork for some new exciting concepts, especially with that expanded playoff configuration. Much like the basketball players waiting to begin their season down in Orlando, there is the opportunity for a team to catch fire and capture a championship with these scenarios in place.

And the Dr. Fauci first pitch was something we all needed. Good thing he’s a sharp doctor.

Here in Wisconsin, it’s almost time for the Cubs and Brewers in front of a national TV audience. I’ll be ready to go.

After all, despite the sad circumstances, it’s still America’s pastime.

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