NetFlix is an even better buy for families after acquiring rights to seven classic black sitcoms

On Wednesday, NetFlix announced that it had acquired the rights to seven classic black sitcoms. The streaming service is already an FTR approved purchase but the bundle of classic shows makes it an even better buy.

The shows are listed below. Moesha kicks things off on the first of August.

Of course, with all of the streaming content available these days it’s entirely up to how much time you have to watch TV, but NetFlix is still a keeper despite the surging Disney Plus and Hulu’s large library.

And as the trends suggest, these older programs draw a lot of eyeballs. It’s why shows like “Friends” and “The Office” are still top draws today and why they’re still airing everyday in syndication on cable. Many of these announced shows were mainstays on network and cable TV back in the day as well.

If you’ve got NetFlix, this is another reason to keep it. If you don’t have NetFlix and want a stroll down memory lane, this line up of shows should keep you busy for some time.

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