Herman Cain had some of his highest political moments in Orlando

This afternoon, former Presidential Candidate and CEO of GodFather’s Pizza, Herman Cain, passed away after a battle with COVID 19 (story HERE).

The highest moment of his political campaign came in my hometown of Orlando back in 2011. I was there calling balls and strikes back then.

It was at Presidency V, then the premiere event of the Florida Republican Party. Cain came out of nowhere to win over GOP voters during the FOX News prime time debate being held at the Orange County Convention Center. The show was supposed to belong to then Texas Governor Rick Perry who had just entered the race to great fanfare, but Perry began his trend of losing words during his debate there and got tied up by eventual nominee Mitt Romney.

The next day he shockingly won the nationally watched straw poll in the battleground state and the “Cain Train” took off, along with his poll numbers. This would lead to the peak of his campaign which saw him sit on top of the polls for a couple of weeks.

Ultimately, his 9-9-9 economic plan was found to be unpractical and his campaign released what is still considered one of the worst political ads in history featuring his campaign manager defiantly smoking a cigarette.

After his campaign ended, Cain remained popular in Orlando. He endorsed local political campaigns and his radio show was on the dial of many conservatives in the area.

The last event I saw him at a few years back. A small gathering across the street from the Amway Center, Cain credited Orlando with his success during and after his campaign.

He was 74 years old.

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