The Wisconsin mask order puts gyms in an even tougher spot between compliance and safety

On Thursday afternoon, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, issued a statewide mask order effective August 1st. The requirements aren’t too much different than what you’re probably experiencing in your municipalities right now. Such as Green Bay (order HERE).

Except for the gym requirements.

Evers’ order says you must wear a mask while exercising. Remember while.

Many gym chains and private studios aren’t currently requiring you to where a mask while you are actively exercising.

Such as this description from a popular chain here in Green Bay.

No, members and guests are NOT required to wear a mask while actively working out but must follow all local restrictions. But remember, members and guests must have a mask unless they are actively working out (and in accordance with all local restrictions) such as when individuals are entering and exiting the facility, cleaning equipment, and while walking on the gym floor between exercises.

Many local orders exempted active exercise indoors. The Wisconsin order does not.

This is because it’s possibly dangerous. Breathing obviously is an important life function. It’s also an important part of both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. Always watch your breathing.

The coronavirus is obviously dangerous. Not breathing is also very dangerous.

It’s unclear if the state will go back and clarify this part of the order after gyms realize how dangerous it is, or if there will be a couple of trips to the ER due to exhaustion because these requirements. The order should exempt active exercise from the requirements.

This is another obstacle the pandemic has thrown in the way of our fitness industry. Ironically, one of the best preventive measures you can take from getting sick in the first place.

FTR has already previously suggested that you freeze or cancel your gym memberships if you don’t feel safe in the facility. (story HERE).

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