Don’t laugh, the Wawa Drive Through Only Store Is Pandemic Level Thinking

A convenient store you can’t go into. That’s what Wawa will begin building next month in Pennsylvania (story HERE).

Don’t laugh. You know that in this Coronavirus reality we’re living in that this is the way to go.

People don’t want to be around other people right now. This is why Amazon is continuing their world domination with record profits (story HERE) and other retailers are scaling down. Looking at you McDonald’s and Dunkin, who are closing down stores in other high traffic retail locations, including a convenience stores in the case of Dunkin and Speedway.

The public wants a quick experience that reduces their risk of the contracting the virus and allows them to get on with their day.

Wawa knows this.

And their brand is held in relatively high regard including in Florida, the current epicenter of the virus. Wawa was unheard of a few years back and now there are customers that will swing past 7-11s and other competition to get to the WaWa an extra two miles down the street.

They’ve earned the benefit of the doubt here.

The main concern will be speed. How can they track down what customers are looking for and manage to keep the line moving at the same time? That will be interesting to see.

At least we don’t have to stand behind the oblivious lottery ticket scratcher when we’re in a hurry anymore.

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