It’s only one game, but LeBron James is out to prove he is the “King Of The Bubble”

When LeBron James ends his Hall Of Fame career and takes his place among the greatest basketball players of all time (behind Michael), his first game in the Orlando bubble will be among my favorites. Especially those final seconds when he defended two of his best rivals in the game right now.

In the final seconds, LBJ defended Kawhi Leonard so well that the defending champion had to defer to Paul George.

But then LeBron switched up and stop Paul George from making the game winning shot. The sequence was absolutely seamless.

Within seconds he put two of the best on lockdown.

And for now, James is making his case as “King Of The Bubble”.

These games don’t mean too much for the Lakers, and the Clippers were missing some players, but the LeBron and Anthony Davis dictated the tempo of the opening night.

There will be some challengers. Of course, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the league leading Milwaukee Bucks are still my official pick. We’ll see what they got on Friday night.

And let’s just not make this a LeBron praise post. Let’s take the opportunity to compliment how well last night went all around for the game of basketball.

My hometown of Orlando looked great and it was as good as it could have been in the absence of fans. Let’s hope we get a proper close to this unprecedented season.

Welcome back NBA!

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