Of course Amazon is roaring during the pandemic and the haters can’t get mad about it

Amazon, the online retail giant, posted colossal second quarter gains this week amidst the pandemic. Up an unbelievable 40% from last year with no signs of slowing down under the current conditions (story HERE).

It’s difficult to believe why anybody should be surprised. It’s even more difficult to believe why the Amazon haters would get angry about it.

Think about what we’ve been telling people for the last few months.

“Stay home” “Wear a mask” “Avoid large gatherings of people”

Think about how difficult retailers have made it to shop.

Capacity limits in stores. Limited quantities on products. Grumpy shoppers.

The retail experience has been just junk during the pandemic. Wal Mart was terrible before. It’s even worse now.

So we can’t look at how well Amazon is doing, especially as they continue to bolster their delivery operations with new distribution centers and new workers and scratch our heads.

We’re all enablers. And enablers by choice pushed by poor competition.

All of the other tech giants are also thriving and the fact that they’re thriving during the pandemic shouldn’t be an indictment on the organization. That doesn’t make any sense.

They were prepared and the rest of their respective industries were not.

Don’t hate the player. You know the rest.

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