Social media held a focus group on music streaming service, Tidal, hopefully someone there was taking notes

To many, Tidal is a head-scratcher. Why wouldn’t a music streaming service owned by some of the biggest names in the music be a success? The question once again came around on social media by rapper Trizz, who probably unlocked more consumer research with a couple of tweets than any movement we’ve seen from Tidal out in the open for some time.

Let’s hope someone there was writing these concerns down. Some of them included..

– A smaller catalog than their competitors, Spotify and Apple Music.
– An all around lack of awareness behind the service.
– Problems with compatibility regarding some products.

The positives were Tidal’s higher quality sound. But then some users were worried on how fast that sound would mow through some data plan arrangements.

From my perspective, the lack of a free plan hurts Tidal. I’m a free Spotify user and have been for years. I’m not in love with them and it almost feels like their ads are designed to annoy you into a premium plan, but the service is still good at no cost. Their premium specials are also great buys when they come around.

Many of my friends prefer Apple Music and I’m familiar enough with the product and the feedback to note that they’re doing a lot right. Plus, it’s Apple. They won’t be hurting for money anytime soon.

I don’t know any Tidal users. Not one. When Jay-Z took his stuff off of Spotify it hurt. But eventually it came back and I hadn’t thought or heard about the service recently until this morning.

But competition is good. And let’s hope they can use this feedback to raise their game.

And send Trizz a check for his market research.

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