Internet Trolls Critical Of UFC Referee Herb Dean don’t understand how tough his job really is

A disturbing trend has made it’s way to the internet during recent UFC events. That trend consists of internet trolls, most who have never even trained, being critical of referee, Herb Dean, and his decision to stop fights or allow them to continue.

Anyone who’s ever had to official any event understands it’s not always easy. Whether it’s a professional sports events or a recreational beer league you’re often stuck in the gray area. Ball or strike? Foul or no foul?

But with Herb Dean it’s, someone’s quality of life versus the life dream that guide their lives everyday and put them in the octagon in the first place.

Health. Money. Dreams. It’s all at stake. Every fight.

We forget that sometimes. The internet trolls forget that every weekend.

It’s good to see UFC President Dana White sticking up for his officials. Yeah, it effects the integrity of the sport, but it’s also the right thing to do.

Herb Dean has been doing this a long time. There was a time where his professional behavior and role in the UFC environment was one of the most enjoyable aspects of sitting down on the couch with your friends to appreciate the sport.

Let’s hope we get a return to that philosophy. And let’s remember how difficult his job really is.

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