The promising Call of Duty: Warzone Season Five trailer will likely ensure Activision keeps printing money

Ooh-wee. That Call Of Duty Season Five Trailer looks great. Take a look at it below.

New York’s Hottest Club. Call Of Duty Season Five appears to have everything. A busted open stadium. Trains. A gold man with birds.

Seriously. I’m ready for August 5th to come so I can jump right in and legions of other player with disposable income will as well.

The potential problem here is not really what Activision has added, but what they might have taken away. Rumble was a loss a lot of fast paced players still miss. And when players miss things, game lose money.

Still, there is a lot to like here. I think the stadium adds a whole new dimension to the game, especially in those final minutes. That train also adds a lot of exciting possibilities. I’m a wheel man. How exciting is it going to be to have chase that thing? Or even worse. To make sure I don’t get crushed by it.

Getting back to the money. Updates like these are only revenue drivers for developers and other stakeholders. Its a place that a lot of game makers were trying to get to for decades. And that’s in the more income on a more regular basis for less costs cycle. Warzone is right there.

And for us it’s still a winner. The quality of where Warzone is at right now and the constant updates and accessibility continue to make it a recommended buy.

See you in Verdansk.

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