“Black Widow” deserves a theatrical release, not a Disney Plus checkdown

Today, Disney announced that “Mulan” would be forfeiting a theatrical release for a checkdown on Disney Plus, at an additional cost to subscribers which I’ve called a bad buy for smaller households (story HERE). An unfortunate turn of events for a film that was suppose to lead families into theaters. First in the spring and then in the late summer after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Goodness. Let’s hope they don’t do this to Black Widow.

The long awaited and well deserved, Scarlett Johansson feature was also supposed to be released earlier this year. But also because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we still don’t have a certain date when it will reach theaters.

Now fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as myself, are concerned that Disney might also throw Black Widow on Disney Plus for an additional $30 to subscribers already paying a fee.

That’s a 30 to 60 percent mark-up from the box office cost if you’re single or a couple.

Many of us have given Disney plenty of money when it comes to the MCU. How many of us have seen over 20 of those films on the big screen? From Iron Man to Endgame. Coast to coast.

We don’t want to be confined to our living rooms for this kind of entertainment.

There is also the spectacular content in the film that deserves nothing less than a theater with state of the art visual and audio technology.

Let’s not make the same mistake twice. Let’s put this film in theaters. We’ll wait.

We just took an 11 year journey with these beloved characters. For Natasha Romanoff we’ll wait as long as it takes.

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