The internet was praising Five Guys fries while goofing on their high prices and they’re correct on both

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is fine meal. The burger is one of the best ones out there as far as the chains are concerned and the customers service ensures a pleasant experience time after time.

And then there are the Cajun fries. They are excellent and they give you enough for two people. There are some that may prefer In and Out or Shake Shack when it comes to burgers, but the fries at Five Guys are almost unanimous winners. If you’re fortunate enough to get McDonald’s fries that are actually hot, they’re still in second place.

But a Five Guys meal is expensive.

A Bacon Cheeseburger will run you almost $9. The little fries, which are big fries are still $3. Drinks are about $250.

Almost $15 dollars in total.

On Wednesday the internet had a lot to say about both. So much that Five Guys began trending nationally.

The truth is that for me, Five Guys is a treat. I don’t like spending that much for something that I can pick up 9 dollars cheaper at the competition.

But when I am looking for the best, depending on the community, Five Guys just manages to just beat out the price point and portion size of a lot of the sit-downs where the quality catches up.

It’s really up to you but I can’t get mad at either decision.

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