Green Bay Packers fans are still winners if they lose only two home games this year

On Thursday, the Green Bay Packers announced that fans will not be allowed in the stadium for the first two home games of the season against the Detroit Lions on September 20th, and the Atlanta Falcons on October 5th (story HERE) because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Really, I’m not sure there weren’t many fans who didn’t see this coming. In fact, there are plenty of fans that will be happy with any season at all.

Losing only two home games might be a win. Even with limited capacity the rest of the way.

You have to examine the options here. There aren’t many.

There is the situation we’re currently in. Losing a couple of games with limited capacity for the remainder of the season.

There is a bubble option. It’s currently working well for the NBA. It means zero home games but a full season on TV and team reactions in the bubble have been positive.

Then there is no season at all. Everyone, especially Green Bay loses. Zero stimulation for local businesses. Zero visitors to any area. Zero everything.

One thing we can continue to do is to keep the faith. Hope things will get better and each do our part to defeat this virus.

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a struggling stranger to Green Bay. But I’ve learned how important Lambeau tradition is here. I can see it in each of your eyes.

We should all hope to experience at least some of the magic in the face of these devastating conditions. We lost two games today and that’s bad. But it’s not the end.

If we can save just a little of the spirit that has propelled this community for decades, then we’re all winners.

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