Brandi Rhodes’ Twitter haters are a reminder of how terrible the wrestling internet can be

AEW wrestler and CBO, Brandi Rhodes, wanted to advance the role of women in today’s mostly male sports entertainment environment. She promoted AEW Heels, a club by and for women in the sport, and there was a revenue model involved (story HERE).

The wrestling internet didn’t like that. They freaked out. She had to leave Twitter after trying to accomplish something that meant a lot to her and was a real attempt to make the business better.

This is why the wrestling internet is the worst. And not just trolls with social media accounts.

I’m talking about YouTube channels that live off of the suffering of wrestlers.

I’m talking about wrestling “journalists” who are wrong more than half the time and make up sources because they don’t have any real access.

And I’m talking about podcasters who often contradict themselves by saying they love wrestling only to complain about it for the rest of their broadcast.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know I talk about money here a lot. Sports entertainment remains a very fair game aside from merchandise. It’s available every week on television or streaming for free or as part of a basic cable package. Some house show tickets aren’t that much more expensive than a night at the movies.

And the best part of it all. You don’t have to pay for anything. Wrestling is still a satisfying experience with no investment at all.

But the wrestling internet is never helpful. Whether it’s a troll-level social media user or a tabloid style wannabe influencer.

The sad part of it all is that it’s going to happen again. For me it’s personal, because my hometown of Orlando is an important location for the business and these leeches like to make it look bad.

But I’ve enjoyed wrestling so long, I’ve often learned to look past it.

Some at the top or near the top of the business live with it everyday and there is still damage being done.

We each need to do our part to remind those unhappy with the product that their participation is not necessary.

And the truth is that they’ll still come back. Because they love this business just like myself and everyone else.

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