Green Bay Packers should still #saynotoantonio Brown and develop existing weapons on offense

Many of the sports opinionators outside of Wisconsin are trying to feed Antonio Brown to the Green Bay Packers in their attempt to speed up the divorce between the team and their future Hall Of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers (post HERE).

We need to say “NO” to Antonio.

Listen, Brown is an all-world talent when he is on, but he’s demonstrated time and time again that he’s more of an obstacle than an asset these days.

He corroded the Pittsburgh Steelers, putting coach Mike Tomlin, one of the most well liked coaches in the league, in a position where he had to defend his two time championship quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, to the world.

He’s the biggest bust for the Oakland Raiders so far in the Jon Gruden era, completely taking everyone’s focus off of the field with his circus tactics off of it before leaving in disgrace before they even got out of training camp.

He tried to shake the New England Patriots. But Bill Belichick and Tom Brady were too sharp for that and he was quickly jettisoned, just in time to get in more trouble which is why he’s suspended for the first eight games this season.

And now there are people that want to put Matt LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers through this. Goodness.

What the Packers need to do is get creative on offense. They’ve got a great trio in Rodgers, Aaron Jones, and DeVante Adams (story HERE), there are teams in the NFC North that don’t even have two of those pieces. Looking at you Detroit and Chicago.

What they don’t need is the most flammable element currently playing football, to come to Green Bay and potentially cause even more damage between the Packers and Rodgers, giving everybody the dramatic break up they so badly want.

We need weapons. We’ll build them here or find them somewhere else.

I’ll tell you again. Say not to Antonio.

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