There are a lot of people that think CW Seed is streaming mostly brand new content

The social media traffic on the CW Seed is fascinating.

In case you’re not familiar with CW Seed, it is a streaming service from our friends at the CW network. You know them. They air those excellent DC Comics programs like Arrow, Flash etc and other favorites like Riverdale and much much more.

Except the CW Seed mostly airs mostly programs that didn’t quite make it during their initial run (site HERE). There are some exceptions but most of the shows didn’t have what it takes to stay on the air. But that’s not what this post is about.

There are a lot of users that believe the shows streaming, which include former buzz worthy shows like Hellcats, Pushing Daisies, and Forever, that think these programs are brand new.

They’re not. Quite a few of them are well over a decade old. Birds Of Prey, not Margot Robbie lead Birds Of Prey, was released in 2002.

But some users are just loving this stuff. “I can’t wait until they produce more episodes” one user said about “Limitless” based on the Bradley Cooper film. She’s got quite the wait ahead of her.

Let’s take a pause here. No one is really at fault here. Viewers should try to know better but that’s not their job. CW Seed should try to mention that a lot of this is classic content, but this is free. They’re not being deceptive or anything.

But they did goof on one thing. They promoted Privileged during the recent protests for criminal justice reform. It might have been a little tone deaf on one level but they ultimately deleted the post and you’ve go to know one thing.

Privileged aired in 2008.

A 12 year old cancelled show drawing controversy because so many people thought the show was being launched was new.

Just interesting really.

And to be clear, I recommend CW Seed. This is not a diss piece. There are some good programs here, including the critically acclaimed Schitt’s Creek.

But if you want to watch some fascinating social media behavior, watch their social media responses. You’ll wonder how a lot of people haven’t caught on yet.

If they’re enjoying the content so much, maybe we shouldn’t tell them.

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