Movie Review: “An American Pickle” puts Seth Rogen on double duty for a lighthearted amusing time

“An American Pickle” gives us Seth Rogen in essentially a one man show that does manage to produce a few laughs and a sweet moment or two, even if the film does manage to lose it’s sense of direction at times.

Rogen’s first role is that of Herschel Greenbaum an immigrant from eastern Europe working in a pickle factory while trying to build a life for himself and his wife in America. After an accident in his factory results in him being trapped and preserved in pickle brine for a 100 years, he wakes up to find a world he doesn’t understand and a great grandson name Ben (also Rogen), who doesn’t understand his old school way of life.

The whole thing is fine.

Seth Rogen is one of the best banter actors out there and when you put him in a position where he’s essentially talking to himself for the entire movie you really can’t stray too far away from the funny stuff. The movie moves along rather quickly and director Brandon Trost gives us a strangely unique looking film that crosses two different periods and continents.

The problems here are tied to the plot. There are some decisions made with the story that are supposed to be funny but just end up being kind of sad and makes the whole experience a little bitter sweet. Blink and you’ll miss the excellent Sarah Snook (HBO’s Succession) and Jorma Taccone (The Lonely Island). I would have enjoyed a little more time with them.

At an hour and a half the whole unheavy affair is over with rather quickly and it’s not bad.

“An American Pickle” is a good Saturday afternoon movie and Seth Rogen fans should be satisfied when it’s all over.

An American Pickle


Rated: PG 13

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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