Fanatics trade protection player jersey deals are even better with Amex

Superstar players seldom stay with the same team for their entire careers anymore. Trades and free agent moves are inevitable. It’s become the nature of the business. Ask Tom Brady.

Lucky for us sports jersey lovers, there is “trade resistant” jerseys from Fanatics. This is actually a trade protection plan that will allow you to get a new jersey within 90 days of a move covered under the conditions (which are pretty fair) at no additional cost.

This is something we wish we had back in the 90s and 00s. Jerseys are not cheap and become virtually useless after a player switches teams. I can tell you that by looking at my Jay Cutler Bears jersey or Kosuke Fukodome Cubs jesrsey.

And another plus for this plan occurs when it’s a purchase done with American Express, then the trade in period goes up to 1 year.

Great stuff. Depending on the window and the player, that is almost a two jersey deal in a lot of cases.

Both Fanatics and American Express feel so good about the policy that they’re advertising this during the NBA playoffs right now.

As always read the fine print HERE. There are some cases that aren’t covered but it’s almost all good.

And it might very well relieve you from the biggest buyer objection surrounding jersey purchases.

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