FTR Bad and Better Buys: Cookies at Festival Foods in Green Bay

Festival Foods really makes grocery shopping in Green Bay hard sometimes. That’s my opinion.

While they have their high points, like a sensational meat and seafood department, their customer service is inconsistent, especially during non peak hours. Good luck trying to get out of there if you’re shopping past 7PM with one cashier. Their self checkout kiosks have become useless to cash shoppers since the coin shortage began.

But let’s talk about one of the impulse buys next to those cashiers.

These decorative cookies for $2 dollars. You get a quantity of two of them. One. Two. That’s it.

Who exactly are these for? You can’t put out two decorative cookies for a party. And by the looks of that date, you’d better eat them soon. They’re clearly trying to unload these at a price that is still too high. This is unlike the $1 Brownie Bars you’ll find in the same spot that are much better.

But these cookies?

That’s an FTR Bad Buy.

Let’s look for an FTR Better Buy. And we’re going to stay in Festival Foods.

I’ve tried these Chocolate Filled Creme Cookies and they stand up really well to the name brand Oreo Cookies that run about 40% more.

Festival Foods will continue to frustrate me and I’ll shake my head every time I look at that Boomerang that is supposed to be a symbol for bringing customers back. But for your cookie fix stick to the aisle and you’ll find yourself a good deal there.

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