Movie Review: Jamie Foxx and JGL save “Project Power” from a bad 90s Action film fate

Really, Project Power belongs on the shelf of a Blockbuster Video in 1995. The sci-fi action film from NetFlix offers the cheesy type of story from the era but finds itself entertaining due to an excellent cast.

Dominique Fishback is actually the lead here, playing Robin, a young student caught up in the trade of a mysterious drug that gives it’s user superpowers for five minutes, that can range from indestructibility to super strength. Jamie Foxx plays a mysterious figure, who’s path crosses with Robin, and Joseph Gordon Leavitt plays a New Orleans police officer, where apparently it’s okay to work in a Saints jersey. We haven’t seen an NFL team featured like this since Axl Foley wore a Detroit Lions jacket in the Beverly Hills Cop movies.

NetFlix has learned that standing up A-Listers can lift up bad movies and that’s what we have here. They were also prepared to make the investments in special effects that give directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman the leverage they need to produce some pretty neat action sequences. The important thing here is that Project Power moves fast enough and prevents us from getting too bored. And that matters here because you can’t be allowed to think too much here.

As for the negatives, the story is bad, the dialog too, and if you stick any lesser talent in these roles the movie would become almost unwatchable. It was hard to become to invested in these characters with the craziness going on around them and there are some events that take place here that just don’t make any sense. Just like those 90s action movies.

But this film is on NetFlix and if you’re not forking out $15 bucks to see it, then you can’t get too mad. If only streaming services existed back in 1995.

Project Power


Rated: R

Running Time: 1 hour 51 minutes.

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