Dangerous Roads: Intersection of Packerland and Mason in Green Bay

This post is highlighting what is a very dangerous road in West Green Bay where nothing has been done to improve the safety conditions behind it.

The intersection of Packerland and Mason is actually three intersections clumped together, but only one of those intersections has a stop light. The rest are dependent on stop signs to traverse the busy intersection.

This means we have three streams of traffic working on opposite clocks. Depending on the aggressiveness of the driver, you can have a car trying to jump through ther Packerland intersection while traffic on Mason has the green light on the left turn.

But that’s not all, you also have cars taking a right on red. And you also have backed up traffic on Packerland waiting for the light, which means drivers on the side roads may not be able to see everything that is happening. That is three different streams of traffic that technically have the right of way on the same two lane road at the same time. It’s very dangerous.

And we must have an honorable mention of the intersection of Mason and Hinkle just a short distance away. Where not only do you have the same predicament (albeit not as busy), but you have cars trying to cross three lanes of traffic over a distance of about 20 yards, after turning on to Hinkle to get into the Wal Mart or Festival Foods shopping center. That is also very dangerous.

This is the least favorite part of my day driving in the Green Bay community. There are times when I would rather just stay home and given the activity I’ve seen there with other drivers, I would say some of you also understand how dangerous this is.

Local leaders must do a better job there. How many accidents must we have before we take action?

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