The disrespect against the Milwaukee Bucks ahead of their series with the Miami Heat has already begun

On Saturday, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Orlando Magic 118-104 to close out the first round series down in their bubble in five games. In the exact order we predicted (post HERE).

But not soon after the game was over, the Bucks were once again the object of disrespect online when “Heat in 6” began trending. The mid market bias was back with many users underestimating the NBA top seed by siding with Miami at the first impulse.

I suppose Bucks fans should be grateful it wasn’t “Heat in four”?

Let’s not make any mistake. The Miami Heat are a good team and Jimmy Butler has something to prove. Really, knocking off the Bucks would mean the Heat are playing with house money the rest of the way as an underdog to potentially win the entire thing.

But people keep acting like the regular season never existed and that’s wrong.

Then we also have to take in account the kind of match ups that we’re looking at. There still aren’t any answers from Miami for the MVP. Who are they going to send after Giannis Antetokounmpo? They could hope that Kris Middleton gets off to another slow start like he did against the Magic. But would you want to make a wager on that happening again? I sure wouldn’t.

I’m going to hold off on my prediction for now. This is because I want you to come back, but also because there is so much in motion right now. Really this series was supposed to have been underway already.

It’s been that kind of year. But regardless, “Heat in 6” continues to underestimate the Milwaukee Bucks and they’re not taking that lightly.

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