There were a lot of families watching “Black Panther” when they got the news Chadwick Boseman died

As fans all over the world continue to mourn the death of Chadwick Boseman on Friday, there were many who went online to share they were actually watching his blockbuster Marvel hit “Black Panther” when the news came down.

And yes, Black Panther is still in movie theaters as I write this.

The movie, which is celebrated as a positive family film with an important message, is still playing in many theaters as a classic, This is due to the Coronavirus pandemic which put a halt to new releases all the way up until last weekend.

The news broke around 10PM est, around the time when many of those movies may have gotten out or when fans were starting their screenings on the west coast.

And of course the film is still a popular streamer online.

It does add an extra sadness to the experience to someone who may have been watching the film for the first time, but there are also many other good films that Boseman got to star in as I mentioned before (story HERE).

The death of Boseman also brought up concerns for the future of the franchise.

To that I say, now is not the time.

It is time to share what you enjoyed the most about the film.

The chemistry between Boseman and the rest of the cast like Letitia Wright, Michael B. Jordan, and Lupita Nyong’O was excellent.

Danai Gurira, who I had the pleasure meeting a few years back, also takes her character to the next level here.

And the acting, the story, the production, is all taken to the next level by director Ryan Coogler.

Let’s use this sad occasion to really appreciate the work of Boseman and everyone else who worked on the film

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