Progressive commercials have gotten so bad in 2020, I have to mute my TV

*Hey. Its 2023 and they’re still awful. Enjoy the read*

Why Progressive Insurance has stuck by their white aprons so long, I don’t know.

There was a time way back in the day, when Flo on her own was friendly and charming.

But this latest run of ads here by Progressive in 2020 have just been so bad. And they run so frequently, I have to shut off my TV to escape them.


The zoom calls with their other white aprons are so unfunny, but they keep shoving them down our throats. The Jamie and Mara characters are completely unlikable but they keep getting featured more and more. There is such a lack of trying to be clever here. Is there a limited advertising budget here? Are they just shooting these ads and airing them believing that we enjoy them?

Then there is the sign spinning guy and his uninterested girlfriend. What are we supposed to feel here? Are we supposed to be interested in the sign spinning guy, when the other character in the commercial isn’t even interested. It’s. Not. Funny. I really just want it to stop.

This is all happening while GEICO is having a great year with their commercials. With the exception of that Cynthia ad (story HERE), they’ve had that delightful commercials with Rocky, Bullwinkle, and the Geckco. And that Idina Menzel ad currently running is also very good. State Farm hasn’t been as good but they’re not on my TV every other commercial break. And at least Peyton Manning and Brad Paisley understand what they are with Nationwide.

There is no sign that Progressive is going to go in another direction. That means that my remote control will have to go in another direction until they show me something that isn’t so terrible.

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