The angry online mob that wants #NFLdropEA still has no real direction

Goodness. We get it. Madden 21′ is nothing more than a roster update.

I know EA gets it. Their critics won’t let them forget.

And more proof of this is that #NFLdropEA was trending over the weekend.

While critics of the legendary franchise are really good at tweeting, they’re still not good at describing their solution to the game’s problems. You can see that in the lack of progress they’ve made in previous months with the difficulty EA has had in interpreting their grievances (stories HERE and HERE).

But here we are. Still.

We know players want a better franchise mode. Okay. Do they want EA to put it back to the way it was?

That wouldn’t be bad. But, wouldn’t that be even more regressive?

What is exactly is the play here? We still don’t know. So this leaves EA continuing to try to cater to an online mob that doesn’t know what they want except to be angry at EA because it’s apparently become trendy.

That’s not to say EA isn’t at fault here.

They’ve gotten fat on the throne. And while all this is going on, they’re preparing to upgrade their digs down there in my hometown of Orlando, Florida. A brand new HQ downtown, near the heart of the business district in one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

I’ve mentioned before that the solution for EA here is to give the gamers a microphone. This creates accountability. Then do what they say. It’s that easy.

Then we have a mission. Some real direction to make this game better. And then we can move on past these silly hashtags.

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