Plentiful potholes in Green Bay will hurt cash strapped families during pandemic

I’ve never driven on the surface of an asteroid, but I imagine it’s a lot like driving down Oneida between Mason and Lombardi.

A constant beating on your vehicle, making it weaker and pushing it further to repair with every single commute.

And repairs are expensive. Especially when many of you here in Green Bay may be dealing with a measure of uncertainty regarding your jobs. You’re certainly not alone.

Which is why it’s frustrating when Green Bay elected officials do nothing to fix the problem.

Many families in the area don’t have emergency funds to replace a tire or banged up wheel. Let alone a serious suspension problem. And using those funds only leaves them completely defenseless should a second emergency comes up.

Which is why politicians need to do their job and perform what is the most basic of municipal government responsibilities. Fix the roads.

Not doing so is actually putting you in a position to fail. And if you’re reading from Orlando or another part of the country the same can be applied in your community.

This can all be prevented. It just takes not being lazy.

The winter is also coming which means things will only get worse and we’ll be wondering why we passed up yet another opportunity to do something about the dangerous roads here in Green Bay.

And you or someone you know will be affected. It could be a spouse or child. It could be a neighbor or coworker. Let’s hope everyone is prepared to shell out money for these needless occasions.

And let’s also hope that Green Bay elected officials will wake up and fix the dog-gone streets before more families lose.

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