EA had good intentions bringing Colin Kaepernick back in Madden 21 but it was a no-win situation

It would make sense to bring Colin Kaepernick back to Madden Football, as the country finds it self reexamining the criminal justice system and race relations (story HERE). Such a decision would be an effective way to use the game’s platform to bring in awareness of the subject

But as we’ve learned over the past years, Madden players seldom make sense (my take HERE).

So when EA announced the decision on Tuesday, there were a lot of ways to voice objections. You could say you didn’t appreciate Kaepernick kneeling for the anthem. You could say you don’t want politics injected into your video games. You could say there were better people to salute in your game.

The internet chose to debate his player rating. An 81 overall.

That’s correct. You guys decided to take to social media and complain that Kaepernick was better rated in the game than other quarterbacks such as Cam Newton, Teddy Bridgewater, and Kyler Murray.

You guys weren’t wrong. Kaepernick was not a good quarterback when he began protesting. That is a fact that is often lost by people that don’t know anything about football but instead rally behind him to raise their own profiles. It’s also been years since he’s played.

And that’s why there was no winning with EA here.

Let’s say they would have given him a 75. That’s what Teddy Bridgewater has. People would have said it’s too low. Even though Bridgewater just got paid and is expected to do well in an offense that Kaep in his prim would have also thrived in.

Well, it’s the thought that counts. Right.

And that’s what we need to focus on here. This is a gesture meant that means well in a video game. Nothing more.

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