“You gotta be joking me!” I already miss the IIconics together on WWE TV

Honestly, it was like Rachel Greene and Monica Geller getting in a fight during the third season of “Friends”.

That was the best comparison I could think of when the IIconics fought each other on WWE Monday Night Raw last night. The first match after breaking up one of the true women’s tag teams in the sports entertainment industry.

For the uninitiated, The IIconics, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, are the two loud friends you probably have at school or work that invite themselves everywhere, and are still there to spend time with each other despite the presence of others.

While that sounds rude, on television, it’s actually really funny. When they win, you cheer. When they lose you cheer. You’re waiting to see their reactions.

And at the heart of the story is a real life friendship of two athletes from Australia that have been friends for years.

So, why the split? It could be a number of reasons.

It could be that we probably took them for granted and didn’t inspire enough confidence with the WWE bosses. That’s on us.

Or it could be that they finally have to see how far they go on their own. Which is fair.

The industry is so competitive and there is only so much time on TV. It makes sense to see what individual potential there is.

We’ve all got best friends and sometimes we have to run alone for a bit.

Hopefully, it all works out. The worst scenario here is for them both to disappear.

And this is wrestling. It’s completely possible they get back together next week.

But either way, it’s a good opportunity to appreciate two excellent athletes and performers. We should wish them success whether it’s together or individually.

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