Stephen A. Smith rant on Packers for lack of Aaron Rodgers weapons “I hope all of their cheese in the state of Wisconsin is contaminated”

If you’re a Packers fan who watches ESPN in the morning, you probably had quite the time observing Stephen A. Smith go on an epic rant against the team over the lack of weapons they have put around Aaron Rodgers. If you don’t feel like watching the video, he said…

“I will openly confess to you, Ryan Clark, this is strictly emotional. I’m so disgusted by the Green Bay Packers I refuse to classify them as contenders because as far as I’m concerned the more appropriate word is that comes along with them are pretenders.” and adds “I hope a pox falls on their house and all of the cheese in Wisconsin is contaminated.

Smith then went ahead and broke down all of the opportunities the Packers had during the draft to get Rodgers some help, and instead went out of their way to draft his replacement. It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard these concerns. All though few can voice it the way Stephen A. Smith can.

It was all true.

Now, the night before the season there isn’t too much the Packers can do about it. But if the Packers don’t make it to the SuperBowl (like I’ve predicted HERE) and they actually regress, then not only will Smith be right, but you’ll have a lot of ticked off fans in Green Bay, and the chorus of people outside of Wisconsin hoping for a loud divorce between Rodgers and the only NFL football team he’s ever know will only get louder.

And the rant we heard this morning will just be the beginning. You can watch the segment below. It starts at 2:15

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