Warner Bros should absolutely delay “Wonder Woman 1984” to protect DC franchise and salvage “Tenet”

America isn’t ready to go back to the movies. Tenet proved that (story HERE). That movie should have made a lot more than 20.2 million opening weekend. You know that.

Now Warner Bros is considering pushing back Wonder Woman 1984 to give Tenet more time and to protect the only really proven performer of the DC franchise.

They should absolutely do it.

Listen, I absolutely want to see Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is going to be great again. Chris Pine looks funny in the trailer. And Kristen Wiig can be truly amazing when given the right stuff.

The truth is that if they rush this film to the theater, it could end up being the biggest flop of 2020.

“Well, delaying Wonder Woman could delay Dune.” they’ll say. The film is another big project that will be dropping soon.

No. Protecting Wonder Woman will also protect Dune.

I’m not prepared to write off 2020 completely but I can look at movie theater parking lots and tell that people still aren’t feeling safe enough to come back.

Delaying stuff isn’t fun. You know what else isn’t fun? Waking up Monday morning to read that Wonder Woman 1984 only made $30 million dollars opening weekend.

You also don’t want that to be the last bow before the Snyder Cut comes out, and The Justice League’s best character has an uncertain future because we didn’t want to wait.

Let’s delay the film. It will ultimately benefit everyone involved.

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