Skip Bayless should clarify and apologize after Dak Prescott remarks on depression

Skip Bayless is a great television sports heel. He likes the teams everyone despises and buries the players we all like when we should be feeling great about them. It’s what he does and he’s been doing it for years.

But today it went too far.

Bayless decided he wanted to criticize Dallas cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott for admitting he battled depression after his brother committed suicide.

He did this during world suicide awareness day.

And he gave a heel answer. He said the behavior was unacceptable because Dak is an NFL quarterback.

Since those remarks he’s been paying the price online and still hasn’t apologized.

Baylees is showing an incredible lack of understanding and empathy here.

I ask you. If a family member close to you committed suicide, wouldn’t you struggle with that? I know I would.

The good news is that Skip will be on television tomorrow morning. I hope he apologizes, so we can move beyond this ugly episode.

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