Brick and Mortar video game store closures terrible for low income gamers

Video gaming is an expensive sport. I’ve re learned this lesson many times over my life in multiple decades and it never gets easier.

One workaround of defeating the price tag is patience. You don’t get a lot of products at launch, but if you stay vigilant, you’ll usually find a next generation solution for a mark down. Eventually.

A part of that equation is Brick and Mortar stores. Physical locations

With news that GameStop is closing more stores (story HERE), it’s becoming a sad reality that are brick and mortar video game store locations may become a memory sooner than later.

While it won’t effect many gamers, it will put the activity out of reach of gamers that may come from low income families.

You see, GameStop has been running up the prices on us for years with the new stuff, but they do offer used gaming solutions that can save you quite a bit if you wait on them. XBox One and Playstation 4 users have finally seen the battleground balance out over the past year because of those bargains.

But when those locations disappear, it’s not guaranteed those options will be available anymore. Gamers will be left behind.

And this doesn’t just hurt low income consumers but the manufacturers and developers as well. They’ll see a slight reduction of sales from gamers that might be able to afford a title but not a completely new gaming rig altogether. I actually fall into that group.

One group that will enjoy the closures of Brick and Mortar stores are pawn shops. They’ll take all of the second hand business. And actually offer worse buy back prices than the gaming stores.

Pawn Shops. Exactly where we want our kids hanging out. Next to the power tools and collectible knives.

Still, this is where we’re at and it’s coming. We must work to ensure that our used vendors can find a home online where their product can still make it to kids that just want to play some video games.

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