America needs to realize in a hurry Aaron Rodgers is nowhere near done

Let’s look at Aaron Rodgers’ line from the Green Bay Packers 43-34 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon.

32/44, 364 yards, zero interceptions.

Does that sound like someone on the decline?

It doesn’t, but since the Green Bay Packers drafted Jordan Love this spring, America has made Aaron Rodgers sound like a play caller with his best days behind him. They’ve already packed his bags and have him heading somewhere else.

We need to stop that nonsense.

What we saw Sunday was a SuperBowl winning quarterback get the most out of the team around him. This includes Davante Adams who tied a team record for catches, along with Marquez Valdez-Scantling and Allen Lazard who both caught 4 balls with a trip to the house each.

Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones also had four catches.

You said this man had no weapons. He found weapons and produced.

And you have to give Matt LaFleur some credit too.

Let’s not get overwhelmed. It’s just one week. But you have to know this.

Aaron Rodgers is still an elite quarterback in this league.

And there was no stronger reminder issued on this football opening Sunday than his performance against Minnesota.

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