Here Is What I Liked About #WWERaw 9/14/20: Hurt Business v. RETRIBUTION, Underground Strowman, Zelina breaking away

Another Monday Night Raw in the books. Here is what I liked:

The Hurt Business charging RETRIBUTION: I really dug that ending with the Hurt Business stepping up to stop RETRIBUTION (for a fee, it’s a business after all). We had that hype moment when MVP and the guys stopped at the top of the ramp and started getting ready to scrap. Then they pushed forward and the fun began. Watching Drew and Keith take to the air to break it all up was wonderful.

Braun in the underground: I’m feeling pretty bullish about Braun Strowman in the underground. We’re going to get him in a showdown next week. This could lead to a pretty interesting rebuilding phase for the “Monster Among Men”.

Zelina going after Asuka: Casual fans forget that Zelina Vega wrestles. Hopefully, they won’t forget that anymore. I’m looking forward to whatever program these two put on. There is a lot of potential there.

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