Call Of Duty elites need to stop crying over Skill Based Matchmaking

Oh! The chorus of Call Of Duty elites crying on Saturday over skill based matchmaking in the game! Their lives are just so hard!

Yet, that’s what you heard if you were on social media. A bunch of cry babies upset that they will actually find a challenge when they casually play Call Of Duty. They’re upset that the system which aims for a level playing field will make them compete against people that are just as good as they are.

So, basically, their feelings are hurt because they won’t be able to dunk on the weaker players anymore.

These are gaming school yard bullies that are upset they’ll have to pick on people their own size.

“Well isn’t this what they should want? Why wouldn’t they want a challenge?” you might ask.

The truth is that with many of these goofballs, they’re more concerned with looking good instead of actually being good. They want to cut YouTube videos of themselves mowing down a bunch of new players instead of taking on people that are just as good as they are.

And the pathetic part is that most of the loudest crying are from those that insist they’re the best. They’ll thump their chest and call themselves champions. They’ll insist on the highest labels in the Esports world and they’ll want inclusion with the other sports too.

Well, you don’t see LeBron and the Lakers playing against ABC High School on TNT.

You don’t turn on Monday Night Football on ESPN to watch Patrick Mahomes take on the Wekiva High Mustangs.

That’s what this group wants. To beat up on younger players before they can learn the ropes. To beat up on lower income players that don’t have access or time to possibly improve.

It’s time for it to stop.

Bring on the skill based matchmaking and take away these obnoxious egos.

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