More bad info on Ricochet and Melina is further proof Wrestling blogs make things up

Wrestling blogs have proven themselves to be one of the worst caliber of new media out there. These blogs, podcasts, and Youtubers are wrong more than half the time and they believe their everyday use of “unnamed sources” gives them license to make up whatever they want about people.

There have been two big examples of this in the last two days.

They began with saying that Ricochet was going to leave WWE. Well, the talented, high flyer had this to say about the bad information. Trash is right.

Next they said former WWE Superstar, Melina, was coming back. She responded with this heartfelt social media post.

These posts hurt people and misdirect fans. They’re tabloids. And they make good money from making up stuff and taking that money from you.

This is just the latest round of bad information and there will be more. We need to use this junk to build up our immunity to properly examining what we read on the web before moving forward. It will make us all stronger as we push towards a future where more of our information is pushed through social media without being vetted.

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