Jason Whitlock attack piece on Katie Nolan might be a sad cry for help

Go read this nonsense (post HERE). Take a shower. Then come back.

That is Jason Whitlock, taking out his career frustrations on a colleague, in this case, Katie Nolan, because he’s not currently as successful as she is.

This lazily written hit piece attacks Nolan by going after the low hanging fruit and blind accusations of “fake wokeness” and white privilege, in place of another action Whitlock should be taking.

Going to a psychiatrist and talking about the real feelings which got him here.

These are the feelings that allowed him to attack someone else for doing something better than he can. In this case, it’s television.

Nolan continues to find success, while Whitlock does not.

This might actually be a cry for help.

Unfortunately, Jason not only attacks Katie Nolan but takes a flame thrower to a bunch of other bridges belonging to other sports journalists, including Jemele Hill, Bomani Jones, Dan Le Batard, Sarah Spain, Pablo Torre, Shannon Sharpe and Nick Wright.

The question is why did this attack have to be written? What problem does it look to solve?

The truth is nothing.

It’s there to generate clicks and to provide an outlet for Whitlock’s own disappointment in his self.

And it’s Katie Nolan that has to pick up the check for his online venting session.

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