Viewers believing #LAsFinest was a brand new show proves it wasn’t promoted right the first time

When Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union are in a project, I’m going to hope it does well. These are two superstars I grew up with, and I root for them.

Which is why I was unhappy when LA’s Finest wasn’t drawing when it premiered last year on another premium streaming service in a crowded field, and why I was just plain frustrated tonight when people thought this was a brand new show during it’s premiere on FOX on Monday night.

The Bad Boys spin-off, in which Union reprises her role as Sydney Burnett from the second film, sees her teaming with Alba’s Nancy McKenna and working with the LAPD.

“I’m getting some serious Bad Boys vibes here” said one user on social media.

My head started to hurt. “That’s because it’s a Bad Boys spinoff!” I mumbled.

This lack of awareness over a show with two stars which can still pull some eyeballs, is a failure to properly promote the show.

For crying out loud, the latest Bad Boys film is technically the most successful film of 2020 right now.

Luckily, FOX is giving it a second chance and maybe it can find some success on prime time.

But when you look at the field, it’s still a tough time slot. It’s competing against Monday Night Football. That is still a tough draw.

Luckily though, you guys still found it in the crowd and got it trending nationally. Hopefully it can get an honest shake this time.

The cast and the concept deserves a properly promoted chance at success.

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