Green Bay Packers still won’t underestimate New Orleans Saints despite their Monday Night stumble

In quite a surprising turn of events, the New Orleans Saints lost their Monday Night match up against the Las Vegas Raiders, taking some of the shine off of their showdown against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night in the SuperDome.

This has kicked off a dialog that buzzes of the beginning of the end for future Hall Of Famer and Saints quarterback, Drew Brees. The average distance of his passes against the Raiders was just under 5 yards. Is his arm fading at 41 years old?

Whether it is or not, don’t expect Packers Head Coach, Matt LaFleur, and defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine, to treat this game like any less like the true threat that it really presents.

New Orleans still has Alvin Kamara, who just got paid. They’ve still got Michael Thomas, who low-key, could be the best receiver in football.

The threesome of Brees, Kamara, and Thomas against our own trio of Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, and DeVante Adams is the reason this is a prime time, a must see game.

And the Packers have their own problems. That would be a slow to warm up defense. If Brees comes out hot and the defense comes out cold, then we could find ourselves down by a couple of scores early and that’s when the forced throws happen and the problems start.

And with this team you also have to have a forward looking philosophy. Everyone in Green Bay is here for a championship this year and this is a possible playoff match-up.

And the team would be right to treat it as much, because we could once again see this match up, and the next time, a trip to the SuperBowl may be at stake.

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