Masked Singer season premiere gives us some fun stuff from the Sun, Popcorn, and an Owl duet


Season 4 of the Masked Singer kicked off on Wednesday night, and with some “magic” we still got that live crowd energy.

The costumes were wonderful as usual, here were some of the highlights:

The Sun: The female Sun mask singer had some serious pipes and the Mickey Mouse ears in the clues had some of the judges guessing it could be Christina Aguilera.

The Giraffe: Was also popular and had many guessing it could be Peyton Manning.

: Popcorn was giving out some Sex and the City vibes as well as doing some serious flirting with Nick Cannon. Ken Jeung thought it was Carole Baskin, which meant she caught air on both major competition shows this week (link HERE).

The Snow Owls: The first couple of the series got guesses such as the Osmond’s, the Brady’s. They sounded great and should go far.

But it was ultimately the Dragon that got eliminated: “Momma said knock you out” is a favorite of mine but not of the voters.

And I actually guessed it right!

Honestly, it was a pretty easy guess if you had the chance to hear it.

Great start to the season. The fun is still there and the novelty hasn’t worn off quite yet.

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