What we liked about #WWEClash 2020: Roman, Legends, Sasha, and real life audibles

WWE Clash Of Champions 2020 is in the books and the pandemic forced some last minute changes. Luckily for fans, the show ended up being a solid evening when the featured Superstars continued their streak of winning appearances.

“Full Heel” Roman:
“How you gonna be the chief, if you can’t stay on the island?”
“This is that ass whooping I was talking about”
“You trying to level up but I live at this level”.

Awesome lines from the champ as he beat down his underdog cousin. You guys were also fascinated for some reason that he ditched his trademark vest. Either way, the match didn’t disappoint and the real life cousins closed the show nicely.

The Legends get their revenge
: All of the legends Randy Orton punted over the past couple of months returned for payback during his ambulance match against Universal Champion, Drew McIntrye. And it was good to see them, even though the whole match was kind of tied up with a bow. Great work by everyone involved.

Sasha gets her shots in: Sasha Banks came back and gave Bayley a beatdown after the impromptu champ vs champ match. I love this rivalry. We’ve got a long way to go until Wrestlemania where this feud should conclude, but I ain’t getting tired.

Audibles called to keep the show going: What do you do when the pandemic sidelines some of your athletes? Bring out the MVP of the pandemic. You really can’t go wrong with Asuka and she yet again did double duty tonight competing against Zelina Vega in her scheduled contest and showing up again to fight Bayley. We really don’t deserve her.

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