WWE Friday Night Smackdown: KO vs. Fiend, Carmella, and the set up for the draft

Smackdown continues to go with what has been proven to work in previously weeks, giving the blue brand a hot hand heading into next week’s WWE Draft, where the entire organization can get turned upside down.


Roman vs Jey Uso at Hell In The Cell: We’re getting Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso again at Hell In The Cell and I’m cool with it. There is still a lot of action that could be had here. Until we get bored, keep bringing this to us.

Alexa Bliss lures Kevin Owens into a Fiend trap: Kevin Owens was visiting Smackdown and decided to host Alexa Bliss for his talker. He should have known better. Bliss was just getting ready to feed him to the Fiend. This is still working but we’re expecting more of a final transformation for Bliss. We’re getting KO vs. the Fiend for next week and I wouldn’t mind seeing some wrestling between these guys.

Carmella is back as a heel: Fans were on to the teases that started a few weeks back that the mystery woman was Carmella. And it’s her for sure and she sounds heel. This should be interesting. Carmella usually does well with whatever she’s given to work with. I will miss the moonwalk though.

The Draft feels like it’s going to be big: “The Future is on the clock”. I like that. And the draft which begins next week sounds like we could see some big changes coming up. There has to be some care given to these shuffles to ensure both shows remain balanced. But these drafts create some exciting new match ups to be had.

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