Saturday Night Live: #SNL Viewers get their feelings hurt by Bill Burr

Well, if you have a sensitive audience don’t have Bill Burr host your show.

That’s what producers of Saturday Night Live were probably thinking when social media divided themselves over the comedian’s opening monologue, that made jokes that didn’t discriminate and poked fun at society from all angles during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Burr proved once again that SNL viewers only watch to watch hosts preach to the choir each week and they’ll try to cancel anyone who doesn’t follow their definition of humor to the the last detail.

The show kicked off with a debate spoof of the Kamala Harris and Mike Pence confrontation that drew few laughs. A fly joke starring Jim Carrey once again as Joe Biden flew completely over the heads of the audience and the timing continues to be a little off this season.

Jack White was incredible filling in for Morgan Wallen after he was asked not to perform after appearing in a viral video at a party unmasked and making out with girls last weekend. Hopefully, SNL finds another country music star to book in the near future.

But goodness, imagine if show runners would have gone with Bill Burr and Morgan Wallen on the same night. It would have been more controversy than the already emotionally compromised audience could take.

Weekend Update was another dud with Michael Che and Colin Jost. Trump’s doctor “We Know This” was a path for Kate McKinnon to break and promote voting which took her talent to make work. Pete Davidson also struck out this time around goofing on JK Rowling.

Next week does bring us a hopeful line-up with Issa Rae from HBO’s “Insecure” and Justin Beiber as a musical guest. Insecure is a public and critical success and Bieber always does well on the program.

Let’s hope SNL finds their rhythm here again soon and let’s hope their audience learns that the definition of funny isn’t the same for everyone.

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