Here is why viewers aren’t warming up to Tyra Banks on Dancing With The Stars

The social media assault on Tyra Banks continued last night during Dancing With The Stars, with viewers voicing their frustrations on the new host, despite her lengthy track record on television (story HERE).

It’s fair to ask,”Why?”.

Really it comes down to a few different things. Let’s break it down.

The host replacement process: We were told that Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews were let go from the show for a “new creative direction”. That’s not good enough for a viewership as in love with the product as this one. It looks like we got Tyra Banks just because she’s Tyra Banks with no read on what the viewers actually wanted.

Banks is a “center” host, not a presenter: DWTS is about, the dancing. The host is secondary to the action that is taking place and presenting that action is a skill. We saw Bergeron do this very well for years on this program and America’s Funniest Home Videos. And we’re still watching Erin Andrews do it with the NFL. Banks needs a certain amount of bandwidth from her audience, which usually involves her questions to the dancers. Paired with the video packages, that’s too much. Viewers don’t like that and really just want more action and input from the judges.

The show’s final minutes have been sloppy: There was that scoring flub from last week that put the wrong in-danger couples on stage and then Banks has to constantly rush the judges for their decisions. This is terribly unlikeable. This didn’t happen last night which is good but if we’re already frustrated with the broadcast then we don’t want a rude host closing us before we’re ready.

In fairness, many of the viewers just refuse to be happy: It’s important to close and say that Banks is not really a bad host. Read the title of this post again. That being said she’ll never win over parts of the audience. We’re still not sure how big of the viewership this is.

And If Banks isn’t the answer, who is?: They won’t bring back Bergeron and Andrews. That’s admitting defeat. If show runners decide they don’t want one of their own handling hosting duties (Banks is an executive producer too), then who do they go with?

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