The Bachelorette: Clare doesn’t blow it up yet and viewers are already expecting Tayshia

After some great promotion by ABC, the premiere of The Bachelorette finally arrived on Tuesday night, and despite the hype, it’s star didn’t “blow up” the show yet like the Chris Harrison promo cliffhanger teased.

But viewers are predicting the next couple of weeks with much confidence.

Here is what we did get this week.

After some COVID 19 precautions involving quarantine and testing, both Clare (at 39 years old, the most senior bachelorette in the show’s history) and the platoon of men hoping to win her heart finally all got together for the first meet of the season.

And really it seems like this season could have ended tonight if Clare wanted it to.

She immediately fell for Dale, a 32 year old former NFL player and gushed “I feel like I just me my husband”. All of the other guys really felt irrelevant at that point.

We all plowed ahead anyways after her future husband got the first impression rose. Two of the guys caused some drama, with Tyler C accusing Yossef of being a player on Instagram and it was Tyler who ended up being among those sent home.

But that’s not what viewers were talking about during the homestretch of the premiere.

Instead they were wondering when the arrival of Tayshia would take place. It’s Tayshia, who is widely expected to pinch hit for Clare after whatever unexpected twist causes her run to end early.

The premiere wrapped with much of the same teaser promo being reaired and a mystery woman exiting a limo with Chris Harrison waiting.

Tuesday night was still a win for ABC with Clare and company dominating the online conversation, despite some unexpected competition from the other network with COVID giving us a Tuesday Night Football game on CBS.

We’ll see what happens next week but interest is still high with the Bachelorette nation and how all of the projected drama unfolds.

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