The Bachelorette: An early Clare departure would cut short enjoying our most senior Bachelorette

One of the most interesting aspects of this new season of the Bachelorette was Clare Crawley, who at 39 years old was the most senior main protagonist we’ve ever seen on the show.

This was refreshing because the show has been around a while and many of us have aged right along with it. It was exciting to get one last look at someone we could relate to before slipping too far away from that trendy demographic the networks want.

And dating in your late 30s is much different than dating in your mid 20s. Watching that would have been great, even through the lens of a reality TV dating show.

But with the teasers we’ve been seeing, Clare isn’t long for this season of the Bachelorette. It looks like she’s already made her choice with Dale about a half hour into the entire thing. We’ve heard the Chris Harrison “You’ve blown up the Bachelorette” line a few times in teasers already, and many viewers are thinking we’re either getting a walk out from the guys, or a meltdown from Clare that ends her run.

And then there is the mystery woman many believe is Tayshia (post HERE) stepping out of the limo, who would take us the rest of the way.

Tayshia will be a positive addition, but many of us wanted more time with this Bachelorette.

This isn’t a hard critique though. We’ve seen how these producers have worked before. It could be another 3 weeks before we see a switch. Or it could be 1 hour into the next episode.

It’s also hard to be mad if Clare gets her happy ending. This is what viewers want to see above all.

Especially those who have waited as long as our current Bachelorette. And finding love whether it’s at 24 or 39 is really what the show is all about.

And it’s good TV for sure.

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