HBO Max should have made West Wing reunion special free to counteract contentious dueling town halls

“Free” is not something you hear often when you’re talking about HBO. But with their track record for programming that includes all time greats like “Game Of Thrones” “The Wire” and “The Sopranos”, we have no problem paying them because we’re getting quality in return. Even if they are a bit higher than the competition.

But opportunity is opportunity and HBO missed one tonight.

Right now HBO Max is streaming it’s West Wing reunion special that reunites the cast and focuses on voting. For my younger readers, the Aaron Sorkin show ruled early 2000s drama and was an inspiration for many to get involved in politics today.

This lauded special is streaming opposite of two highly contentious town halls airing at the same time between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden tonight. You might have a favorite but some are still undecided.

Many more don’t want to deal with it on TV or want a more hopeful presentation provided for them.

HBO should have ran this special out there tonight for free. This is not an indictment. Just an observation. It would have been a nice touch.

Now in their defense, we didn’t learn we were getting dueling town halls until earlier this week. That’s not a lot of time.

But we know HBO had the power to make this happen.

And there will be an audience tonight that will be looking to escape from the hyper partisan and toxic environment tonight. They won’t be able to bail for football. That got pushed because of COVID. There is playoff baseball, but not much else.

They might have enjoyed some President Bartlett and a positive message for a change.

If you’re really interested in watching the show, you can subscribe for a free seven day trial for the service.

But it was a missed opportunity for HBO to stretch it’s commitment for getting out the vote.

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