We’re getting a Dexter return and they’re probably going to kill him

Rejoice! Our favorite serial killer is making a return. The news came down this week that Showtime is bringing back “Dexter” for a 10 episode run sometime in 2021.

This is great news! The series finale of Dexter was one of the most critically and publicly panned wrap ups to a show ever, falling in line with other underwhelming conclusions such as Seinfeld, The Sopranos, and How I Met Your Mother.

Now, this question.

Are you ready to watch Dexter die?

I say this because this was originally one of the most anticipated finishes to the show. It was intended to teach a lesson. Dexter is not a well person. Yes, the program delivered some of the best suspenseful “don’t get caught” moments in television of the modern era, but never forget. This man is a mentally ill serial killer. Yeah, he throws out the trash and delivers the kind of Texas justice that society likes to see, but he isn’t right.

Many viewers probably won’t like watching Dexter get his comeuppance. It’s like they’ll trash this finale too. But we can’t forget that this is what the hardcores wanted.

In the meanwhile, we’re likely going to get the chance to watch him take out at least one more big bad. And the Dexter experience is still one of the most unique on television. Yeah, “You” tries to provide the same flavor but it’s the veggie burger to the true original. And their protagonist really is a jerk.

But it’s all good. The OG is coming back and I’ll be there for it. But we all need to be ready for whatever show runners have in store for us because it’s not going to be pleasant.

Some of you might be wishing for that lumberjack ending again when it’s all over.

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